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Are you looking for scaffolding?

Contact us. We will supply you with new or used scaffolding of many variants. Our capacity is 30,000 m2.


Tubular scaffolding
Tubular scaffolding has been under construction for several decades and is still an integral part of almost every building.

It is suitable to build it mainly where other scaffolding would be less suitable due to its smaller variability.


Frame scaffolding
Frame scaffolding is the most suitable solution for the vast majority of common buildings. The main advantages of frame scaffolding include ease and speed of construction.
Frame scaffolding is mainly used for facade applications. Thanks to its versatility and a wide range of special parts and accessories, this scaffolding can be used on virtually arbitrarily divided facades and on a number of other buildings. We use frame scaffolding from
Bosta Hünnebeck 70 and


Protective nets

In case of interest, we are able to ensure the safety of construction by installing safety nets.


BOSS mobile aluminum towers
BOSS lightweight aluminum mobile towers are an ideal auxiliary structure in construction, industrial plants, public spaces, and atriums and wherever mobile scaffolding needs to be used for repair, maintenance and assembly work. A wide range of components allows a large selection of assemblies, dimensions and heights of working floors. We offer towers of various sizes.







20 years


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