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We focus on the scaffolding rental and sales, rental and sales of ceiling stands. We also perform all scaffolding work such as assembly and disassembly of scaffolding by qualified employees. We also offer rental of protective scaffolding nets, including assembly and disassembly. We have been operating since 2000.


The current capacity of the scaffolding is 30,000 m², which we are constantly increasing.


We are honored to be a part of spectacular projects in the construction or repair of townhouses, houses, churches, castles, bridges and various buildings. We can also handle more complex scaffolding constructions.

We look at quality and customer satisfaction. We try to adapt to the individual and meet his requirements.

Václav Mojseňuk, owner of the company


With our scaffolding, we were part of well-known buildings in Pilsen and its surroundings, such as Pilsen City Hall, Bory Prison, Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Karlovy Vary, Olympia Pilsen, Genetics Pilsen, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.


We participate in the insulation of schools, repairs or construction of bridges in the Pilsen region, or repairs of your family houses.



We have gained a lot of experience in more than 20 years of operation. We employ only qualified workers.


By using quality scaffolding and ceiling struts, our structures are safe for further use by artisans.


We can also deal with more complex situations, such as the construction of churches, bridges, over the river, on the roof and other.


We can adapt to almost any building and we try to meet the needs of all customers.

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